A bit about how we work… (Aka - The fine print)

Here at Obsessive Compulsive Equestrian Disorder we know how important it is to try a saddle before you buy it, in fact we insist upon it!

 When faced with the reality that Australia is a HUGE place sometimes travelling to trial a saddle is just not possible. To facilitate this we offer the “spy it, buy it, post it, trial it” option… if the saddle doesn’t suit you return it within 7 days (a confirmation of postage is required) once returned the purchase price will be refunded. The responsibility forpaying the  postage is yours.
For those that live within reasonable travel time we offer two options... you & your horse are welcome to come to us (our facilities include a full size under cover arena). We recommend that you allow around 2 hours for this. There is no fee attached to this option.
The other option is that we come to you at a venue of your choice. You will still need to make sure you have approximately 2 hours available. There will be a nominal fee of $150 per person for this option. Special prices can be negotiated if there are multiple trials. Bookings must be prepaid & if a saddle is purchased then the booking fee will come off the purchase price.
OCED are based in the Latrobe Valley in Victoria and will consider travelling within a 2hr radius. Further afield may be an option for multiple trials, please don't hesitate to contact us to ask.
Please keep in mind that as a new business, we are relatively small and as such we work other jobs, but we will do our best to work with you to find a time that suits both parties so we can help you with all your saddlery needs and queries. We will do our best to answer all questions as much as we are able.  Friendly helpful service is a guarantee.
Please don’t hesitate to call Nicki on 0409 704 406 for bookings
Please note that every saddle is unique. The fit may differ slightly between saddles of the same make, size & model. We endeavor to provide accurate measurements to get the best possible fit for horse and rider. We ask that all postal requests provide a wither & back tracing to give us the best opportunity for a close fit. In saying that we do recommend that your choice of saddle be fitted correctly by a qualified professional.
Things that are your responsibility.
Whilst we take great care to ensure that a saddle is in good safe condition prior to leaving our hands we ask that you be aware of the following…
The responsibility of the saddle falls to you upon delivery. In order to ensure a full refund should the saddle not meet your expectations we request that you read the following recommendations.  
When a saddle goes on trial the condition will be documented in photographs, the ones used when advertising the saddles. We expect that if returned he saddle will look the same as in the photographs.
We ask that you treat the saddle with respect and use the covers provided at all times when not on the horse to help prevent any scratches or damage. We also ask that you use soft leather stirrup leathers (ideally calf skin webbers, we do have patented Harry Dabbs calfskin stirrup leathers available for purchase should you choose) and attach them under the flaps where possible. Girths with roller buckles are essential to avoid marking the points and for your own safety.
Whilst the saddle is on trial we expect that you might want to have a lesson with your instructor or have a fitter look at it. Please do not alter the saddle unless you are planning on keeping it (in that case do as you please ;-))
Please keep riding time reasonable and always wear jodphurs/breeches, NO JEANS to avoid wear on the seams and the leather. Long boots can leave marks, if possible short boots and long socks will avoid marking the leather. We also recommend wearing gloves to avoid finger nail scratches and be careful when mounting or dismounting of any zippers or buttons that may scratch the leather.
We don’t recommend taking your saddle trail riding as there is opportunity for damage from foliage or other factors that may be out of your control.
Do not ride in wet conditions or expose the saddle to rain or moisture.
If a saddle is returned dirty or damaged we will be unable to refund your full amount. Any damage will be calculated and deducted from the purchase price.
A dirty saddle will result in a $20 fee for cleaning. We recommend Effax leather combi for a quick wipe over which is all that should be required.
Please store the saddle in a safe secure place, preferably in your residence, when not in use.

At OCED we have a

Ultimately the choice is up to you. Please be assured that we will never make you feel like you have to buy from us.

We understand that it's a very competitive market & we do our best to help you achieve your dream saddle without the pressure that some other retailers use. 

​We firmly believe that the quality and performance of our saddles sell themselves