No one does Bespoke quite like Harry Dabbs

Imagine being able to plan your saddle from start to finish...That's what dreams are made of! 

We start with the perfect tree to fit your horse. Then we build on it with the perfect panels to make sure your horse can really move. Then we find the best fit for you, the rider (aka - the poor soul who foots the bill for your horses comfort). We have options to ensure that you get the support where you need it. 

Then we get to the fun bit. The excitement of choosing your colour, your leather, your stitching colour, your welt... and if you've chosen the Platinum your options increase dramatically, from patent leather trim in contrasting colours to simply fabulous textures  for a personalised cantle panel to suit your personality. We've got you covered! 

​​Pick your colour...

Pick your Leather...


Paris Calf​​




Traditional Flap

Mono flap

Pick your style...

Autumn Gold

​Pick your Welt...

1. White
2. Brown
​3. Beige
4. Red
5. Orange
6. Black
7. Green
9. Patent Grey
10. Patent Black
11. Gold

If the colour you want is not in this list ask us, we are happy to follow up as to whether your colour IS available.  

The Platinum range offers further options to customise your "Look" With patent leather in many colours to textured finishes & even fabric. Make sure you​ ask us how we can help create your dream saddle.